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Cedar Roof Maintenance Basics

Cedar roofing

Make sure to properly maintain your cedar roofing to keep it in top shape.

A cedar roof is the ultimate in rustic beauty. The real wood shingles are cut from solid wood, so each has a distinct characteristic not possible in mass produced synthetic roofing materials. If a cedar roof is installed properly by a knowledgeable company and maintained regularly, it can last just as long as a synthetic roof. The key to making your cedar roof last is to properly maintain it. Use the following tips to keep you roof in top shape!

Let It Shine

It’s important to keep an eye on any suspect looking tree limbs for two reasons. Like any other roof, you want to minimize the risk of a heavy tree limb falling during a storm and impacting your roof. But since cedar roofs are made from real wood, you need to make sure enough sunlight is reaching the roof to dry out the shingles to keep moss or mildew from growing. Over time the natural color of the cedar roof will fade due to exposure to the sun and turn to a distinct gray.

Clear Away Debris

To make sure your roof stays dry, you’ll need to clear away any debris that has accumulated on your roof once or twice a year. Keeping your roof clear will make it harder for moss and mildew to form. Pressure washing is a popular method to clean most roofing and siding, but is not recommended for cedar roofs as it could be seriously damaging if done incorrectly. A garden hose should provide enough power to remove debris from your roof.


If you really want to make your cedar roof last you should consider applying a clear-coat stain every two years. That being said, treatments should last five to seven years, depending on the quality of the product. Painting is also an option, but can be expensive. If you don’t treat your cedar roof regularly, you run the risk that it will begin to soften and rot.

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