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Potential Dangers to Your Roof

dangers to your roof

Fallen trees or tree branches are one of the most common dangers to your roof.

Your roof’s number one enemy is going to be Mother Nature herself. Did you know about the potential dangers to your roof? In this blog, we will cover them. Please read on to learn more about what these dangers can be and how you can prevent them or minimize the damage they could bring.


Fallen Tree Branches: The first of the potential dangers to your roof are fallen tree branches. Storms can easily tear branches off of trees and fling them across your yard. Trees can be dislodged and knocked over, also causing branches to fall. Gravity will almost always win out, so be mindful of branches that are hanging over your roof.

The blowing wind can cause tree branches to scrape protective granules from your roof shingles. Animals can use branches to climb up onto your roof and find a way inside your home. Water damage can also result from fallen tree branches. Tree branches can also block sunlight and warmth from reaching your roof, allowing pools of water to form. The best way to prevent all of this is to cut the branches down before they can cause any lasting damage to your roof.

Clogged-Up Gutters: Having clean non-clogged gutters is extremely important. After all, clean gutters are happy gutters. What are some causes of clogged-up gutters? Simply put, these causes are ice left behind by winter, animals climbing up on the roof, and fallen leaves piling up as well. Not only can clogged-up gutters present dangers to your roof, they can also jeopardize your home’s foundation. One way to keep your gutter system healthy is to clean it at the beginning of spring every year.

Leaky Roofs: Leaks are a significant danger to your roof. Rafters and ceiling joists can be damaged, and wood can rot away and degrade. Repairs can get increasingly expensive, and at some point, the roof might need to be replaced entirely. In order to prevent massive damage, repair any leaks that you find right away.

Unpredictable Weather: Have high-quality weather and waterproofing materials installed to protect your roof. Humidity, rain, wind, and hail can all cause havoc with your roof, so be prepared. Ensure extra insulation is added for additional protection.

Leftover Debris: Other debris, such as leaves and twigs, can accelerate moisture buildup. Debris can also cause roof flashing to rust, and potential fire hazards can lurk unseen as spring moves into summer.

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