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The Classic Charm of Cedar Roofing

The Maryland area, as well as much of the east coast, boasts gorgeous country landscapes even just a few miles from major cities. Nothing looks better than the classic charm of cedar roofing on a country home. This type of roofing even has several key advantages, making it unique from other types of roofing. If you’re considering cedar shingles or shakes for your home, take a look at the following advantages:Cedar Roofing

Advantages of Cedar Roofing

  • Weather-resistant: In other applications, wood has a reputation for being susceptible to rot. However, cedar roofing has natural preservatives due to the type of wood used (cedar, of course) which helps protect it against moisture, insects, wind, and even UV rays.
  • Insulation: Cedar is an insulator, so you’ll save on energy bills as your warm air is kept inside in the winter, and your cool air doesn’t escape in the summer.
  • Low-Density: You won’t worry about shrinking or warping with cedar roofing. It is a long-lasting roofing option that performs well in humid climates, and stays flat and straight.
  • Versatility: While the color of cedar is attractive on its own, its easily stained or oil-finished to a wide range of natural colors. Cedar also cuts clean and has even texture, so manufacturing is just as easy as assembly and installation.
  • Beauty: All roofs have their appeal, but cedar roofing is eye-catching in a unique way that stands out from the rest. It has a rustic, natural appeal that looks good on both suburban and country homes. The color and style provide an alluring beauty to homes.

A home with stunning cedar roofing is not one easily forgotten. Its performance and versatility make it a popular option today, even with it being one of the first roofing options available. Its survival through centuries (even before the 19th century) to still be a top option today speaks for its value.

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