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The Proper Water Drainage System Makes a Huge Difference

Water Drainage System

A proper water drainage system makes a huge difference.

In the summer, you can expect high winds and heavy rains during storms. Summer storms hit frequently and hit hard. To protect your home from the risk of flooding, ensure you have the proper water drainage system installed. Having the proper water drainage system makes a huge difference whenever a water disaster strikes. Here are some reasons why having this system properly established is so important.

Water Drainage Prevents Foundation Damage

Your home’s foundations can be severely damaged by water infiltration. The foundation is typically the lowest point of your home, and water will run downward due to gravity. Protecting your foundation starts with the proper basement waterproofing procedures, too. What are some other dangers of foundation damage? For one thing, cracks could start forming. For another, the cracks could eventually result in the entire house collapsing.

It Prevents Termite Infestations

Termites love to eat their way through rotting wood. Even healthy wood isn’t safe. If your water drainage systems aren’t working efficiently, it could lead to a buildup of dampness and moisture. Termites are drawn by this source of moisture. Be on the lookout for any termite infestations. After all, a colony of termites taking up residence in your home’s foundation could cause damage to the structure. Structural damage will only grow worse the longer it is left unaddressed.

It Prevents Mold and Fungus Growth

An inefficient water drainage system could cause other problems as well. Two major health risks are mold and fungus growths, which are encouraged by excessive levels of moisture in the foundations or in the basement itself. Mold is a slow, insidious threat. After a flood hits, mold can begin growing and remain undetected for months at a time. Even if your family often visits the basement, mold could lurk in out of the way corners. Particular strains of mold can be dangerous to your health, especially if you are allergic to mold in any way.


Fungus growth, like mold growth, may seem like a small problem at first. Your lawns and landscapes could see a sudden explosion of fungus growth because there is too much moisture and not enough airflow. These conditions are ideal for fungal growth.  


Signs of Drainage Issues

Puddles That Last Too Long: After a rainfall, puddles should only last a few hours. If puddles last longer than a few hours, they could point to something more extensive. Watch out for puddles that last too long.


Crusty Soil: Crusting on the soil around your home could indicate problems with your drainage systems. If you see a white or tan crust in dry weather, that is how you will know. This crust results from salt deposits that move upward and evaporate once they reach the surface. This happens because downward drainage is impossible.


Runoff from the Soil: Are your driveways and sidewalks covered in runoff during rainstorms? You’ve got problems with your water drainage system. Unfortunately, the water is not flowing the direction that it should. Since it can’t be drained, it seeps out onto pathways for foot and car traffic instead.


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