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It’s Time to Nominate Topper Construction Again!


It’s Time to Nominate Topper Construction Again!

It’s time to nominate Topper Construction again. Let’s look at how voting works.

Last year, Topper Construction entered a special contest. The Frederick News-Post hosted this contest, and it was their third annual Best of the Best competition. This summer, we’ve entered this year’s edition of the same tournament. So now, it’s time to nominate Topper Construction again. Let’s look at how voting works.

Time to Vote

The contest began back on June 21st, and now the nomination period has ended. But this round of voting can get Topper Construction into the Top 5 of its category. After the first round of voting has come to an end, Topper Construction makes its way into the second round – that’s where the Top 5 comes into play. Think of the competition like it’s the ongoing World Cup. There are the group stage games played in the first round which determine which teams (in this case, businesses) advance to the next round. When you, our loyal customers, vote in at least thirty of the available categories, you can win too! That prize is an opportunity to win $250.

How Voting Works

You have one vote per category while the voting window is still open. Although round 1 began in late June, voting continues until July 6th, so you need to make your voice heard soon! This two-week voting window is almost closed, but on August 31st, the next round begins. Top 5 voting will then continue until September 14th, which represents another two weeks of voting. Once top 5 voting comes to a close, the News-Post will formally announce the winners on October 30th.

More Information

This competition is based on how the readers of the Frederick News-Post see their local businesses. The voting ballots themselves are kept entirely secret – so individual voting choices will not be published. The number of votes determines the winner. All voters must be at least 18 to enter the sweepstakes for the $250 prize. Vote today and keep voting! We appreciate your time, energy, and consideration.

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