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It’s Time to Nominate Topper Construction Company!

It’s Time to Nominate Topper Construction Company!

It’s time to nominate Topper Construction as one of the Best of the Best!

Every year for the past three years, the Frederick News-Post runs a contest known as Best of the Best. This is the third year the contest has been held. During this contest, residents of Frederick can nominate their favorites in a variety of categories. It’s now time to nominate Topper Construction for this contest. Here is more information about the contest, and how you can help declare Topper Construction as among the best of the best.

Nominate Topper As One of Your Favorites

Look for Topper under the shopping and services category’s “Best Roofing Company”. From there, simply fill out the nomination form. What are some other aspects of the nomination process?

  • Whether it’s a school or a great restaurant, this is the time to vote and make your voice heard.
  • Please note that only local businesses are eligible for the contest. These businesses can either be owned or franchised in and around the Frederick area.
  • There are over 200 different categories in which to vote. For best consideration, potential nominees must be placed in the correct category.

In order to make your nominations, you will have to register first. Registering is easy, though. Submitting your email address is all you need to do. Registration for nominations also earns you the On the Town newsletter sent to your email inbox every week.

Hurry! You only have a few days left to nominate, until July 9th.

Return to Vote on the Top 5

There are two ways the top 5 finalists will be announced. One way is via the Internet, while the other will be part of a special edition of the News-Post published on August 29th. Voting on the finalists will continue until September 10th.

You will need at least 60 votes to be entered into another special sweepstakes. These sweepstakes will allow you the opportunity to win $250 from another random draw.

Winners To Be Announced

The winners of the contest will be announced on October 27th.

Contact Topper Construction Today!

If you’re interested in having a roof system, siding, or water drainage system installed in your new home, or would like a free estimate, contact Topper Construction. With Topper Construction, you’ll see the benefit of nearly three decades of experience. Contact Topper Construction at 301-874-0220 or email us at if you are interested in learning more. We can help you with projects in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia.

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