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Foundation Waterproofing

Tremco Barrier Solutions Basement Waterproofing

Topper Construction uses Tremco Barrier Solutions, the world’s foremost supplier of sealant, for residential and commercial basement waterproofing. With a basement protected by Topper Construction, you can rest easy the next time a big storm rolls through.

Watchdog Waterproofing H3

Backed by a 10-year, fully transferrable warranty, Watchdog Waterproofing H3 is the only waterproof membrane used by Tremco. Watchdog H3, a polymer-enhanced asphalt that is applied as a liquid spray with a black finish, stands above other asphalt-emulsion products because it stays where it is applied with minimal runoff. Because of its exceptional ability to adhere to concrete, Watchdog H3 has up to three times greater hydrostatic head resistance as compared to competing products. Because of its superior qualities, Watchdog H3 expands to prevent leaks across cracks in the foundation, even in up to three feet of hydrostatic head, while competing products failed to keep leaks out even in only 12 inches of hydrostatic head.

DrainStar Stripdrain

Working in unison with Watchdog H3, a proper installation of DrainStar Stripdrain around the exterior of your home’s foundation creates an unstoppable team to keep water out of the basement, even in extreme conditions. While Watchdog H3 is preventing leaks inside, DrainStar Stripdrain is hard at work outside, draining water away from the foundation. A sturdy polymer core of precisely engineered cones collects and redirects water away to beneficial drainage points, while a perforated geotextile filter strains out soil and other minute particles.

Don’t wait until the next storm threatens to flood your basement. Be prepared now with professional basement waterproofing from Topper Construction.

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