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Duradek is a walkable, waterproof membrane that is ideal for use on decks, patios or balconies that are over enclosed space. Duradek comes in large rolls that are chemically-adhered to the subsurface and heat-welded to form an impenetrable single barrier. Renowned for its strength, durability and slip-resistance, over 125 million square feet of deck, patio, balcony and roof deck surfaces have been protected by Duradek.

Topper Construction is an authorized Duradek dealer with full training by the manufacturer on Duradek’s unique installation techniques. Only an authorized dealer can install your Duradek.

What Are the Benefits of Duradek?

Duradek is the original vinyl membrane for waterproofing decks, balconies and rooftop decks. Developed over 40 years ago, Duradek works to keep water away in ways that traditional liquid applied waterproofing simply can’t accomplish.

Duradek Outlasts Heavy Foot Traffic and Severe Weather

Even on decks and balconies with heavy foot traffic and severe weather conditions, Duradek membranes will outlast and outperform traditional liquid applied waterproofing by years. Duradek will not peel, chip, delaminate or crack, even in high-use areas.

Duradek Can Be Installed and Used Immediately

If you can’t afford to have your home or business cordoned off for days, Duradek is a superior waterproofing option. There is no mixing, mess or smell. Once the Duradek is prepared, the sheets are rolled out, glued down and mechanically fastened at the edges. Sheets are welded together with a hot air process to form a completely waterproof membrane.

In addition, Duradek can be installed in nearly any weather. Traditional liquid systems need ideal conditions and a well prepared subsurface to succeed. Duradek can also be installed over existing coatings.

Duradek Colors, Textures and Styles

Duradek is available in a variety of textures, patterns and colors.

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With Topper Construction, you’ll see the benefit of nearly three decades of experience. For authorized Duradek installation from a certified dealer, contact Topper Construction at 301-874-0220 or email us at We install Duradek in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia.