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There are few features that can enhance the beauty of a home’s interior like the natural sunlight from a skylight. At Topper Construction, we have decades of experience installing all sizes and types from the most well-known skylight manufacturers.

Different types of skylights

There are three main types of skylights widely used in homes today.

A ventilating skylight can be opened or closed manually or by motor. They are ideal for use in a bathroom or kitchen, where excess moisture and the need for steady air flow are considerations.

A fixed skylight is the most common type of skylight. It does not open, and is simply intended to let natural light into the house, while also offering views of the sky above.

A tubular skylight is essentially a translucent tube lined in a highly reflective material to bring natural sunlight to small rooms or hallways where a traditional skylight would not fit. These skylights can also be combined with an integrated exhaust fan and/or light fixture for use in bathrooms.

Are Skylights Energy Efficient?

In the past, skylights had issues with heat loss, solar heat gain, drafts, and leaks. But recent advances in window and skylight technology can actually turn a skylight into an energy saver, when you use a professional skylight installation company.

By carefully choosing the position of your skylight with the help of Topper Construction’s professional installer, you can maximize the effectiveness of a skylight. For example, an east-facing skylight would provide maximum light and solar warmth in the morning, while a north-facing skylight will provide consistent, cool illumination.

Just as window manufacturers have developed more energy-efficient windows, skylight manufacturers have used the same techniques to make their products less of an energy drain on your home. By utilizing layers of glazing, new skylights can keep warm air inside the home and keep unwanted solar heat out. New skylights can also be installed with a ventilation option, so that they can be opened from the inside of the house to let excessive warm air out. Some models even feature a moisture sensor that automatically closes the skylight with an electric motor when rain is on the way.

With Topper Construction, you’ll see the benefit of nearly three decades of experience. If you’re looking to enhance your home’s beauty with a skylight installation, contact Topper Construction at 301-874-0220 or email us at We can help you with skylight installation in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia.