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Solar Shingles

The newest innovation in energy efficient roofing is solar shingles. Unlike the old roof-mounted solar panels, solar shingles are actually an integral part of your roof. They do double duty – harnessing solar energy while protecting your home. With a solar shingle roof, you’ll have all of the benefits of a sturdy and reliable roof, along with the additional benefit of lower utility bills.

Common Questions about Solar Shingles

How much money will I save with solar shingles?

Solar shingles convert the energy of the sun into electricity to power your home. What you don’t use is automatically purchased from you by your utility company, further lowering your energy costs. Your actual savings will depend upon a number of factors. Among them — the slope of your roof (its angle towards the sun), the direction your house faces, and the number/size/location of trees in your yard. In addition, there’s a 30 percent federal tax credit for purchasing solar shingles*. Some states offer additional incentives, as do some utility companies.

How do solar shingles work?

Experts come to your home and determine which areas of your roof receive the most sunlight each day, identifying the prime locations for solar shingles. The rest of your roof will be covered with traditional roofing material – asphalt shingles or perhaps metal. When the sun hits the solar shingles, photons are absorbed. This releases electrons, which in turn creates an electrical current. This current is run through an inverter, which turns it into useable electricity for your home. The entire system is permitted and inspected by your local building inspectors.

What is the difference between solar shingles and solar panels?

Regular solar panels are bolted on to your existing roof. Solar shingles don’t sit on top of your roof, they are your roof. They are just like regular shingles, but they do so much more. In addition to harnessing the sun’s power, they have the added function of protecting your home. Solar shingles have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they are fully capable of withstanding the normal wear and tear that any other comparable roofing material can handle.

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*Please check local and federal regulations regarding tax credits to determine your eligibility.