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Soffit, Fascia & Frieze

The roof and siding of your home may command most of the attention, but soffit, fascia and frieze serve an equally important role in the styling and durability. When installed by Topper Construction, these components keep your home fully protected from moisture, allow it to breathe properly and can significantly enhance its appearance.

What is soffit?

Named after the French word for ceiling — soffite — soffit is the underside of the overhangs of a home’s roof (aka eaves and rakes), or the ceilings of covered entries, balconies or porches. Soffits come in a variety of materials, and can either be vented or non-vented.

What is fascia?

Fascia is the trim board that caps the ends of trusses at the roof’s bottom edge (eave fascia), or caps the outside of the trusses at the ends of the house (rake fascia). Fascia can be made from a variety of materials — aluminum-wrapped framing lumber, vinyl, fiber-cement, PVC or real wood. Colors can be matched or accented to enhance the appearance of your home.

What is frieze?

Unlike soffit or fascia, frieze serves no functional purpose — it’s only there for looks, but it can make real difference in a home’s appearance. What crown molding can do for your living room, frieze can do for your exterior. Frieze is installed on the exterior wall where the soffit terminates. It can be as simple as a piece of aluminum-wrapped 1”x4”, or it can be a grand as multi-piece PVC with dentil moldings or corbels.

Why are soffit and fascia important?

The most important reasons for installing quality soffit and fascia are to prevent water intrusion and to ensure proper ventilation for your homes attic. Wood rot, mildew, roof deterioration and energy loss can all result from an inadequately ventilated attic. Overheating in the summer, when attic temperatures can reach up to 150 degrees, and excessive moisture in the winter, when condensation from heating escapes to the attic, are problems that correctly installed soffit can help solve.

Types of Soffits

Hidden Vent Soffit System: A hidden vent soffit system provides a classic, elegant protective surface over your homes eaves/rakes, with imperceptible vents that offer the most effective ventilation performance of any vinyl soffit.

Classic Beaded Soffit: For homeowners that want to give their home a traditional look, beaded soffit provides protection and ventilation with an appearance of classic Southern charm.

Vinyl Soffit: Vinyl soffits offer the reliability of vinyl, along with the versatility of numerous designs, textures and shades, all at a range of prices to fit any budget or application.

Aluminum Soffit: Aluminum soffit is also a strong choice due to its unrivaled durability, performance and ventilation options. Aluminum soffit never needs to be repainted, and is available as a V-groove installation for traditional applications, or as a U-groove installation, which has a softer appearance to mimic the look of traditional wood.

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