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Do You Have Holes in Your Roof?

Do You Have Holes in Your Roof?

A hole can appear on your roof at any time.

A hole can appear on your roof at any time. The problem is, you might not notice until it is already too late. But let’s say you have found a hole, and you might be inclined to leave it alone because you can’t foresee it causing any issues while it is still small. Give a little hole enough time to grow, though, and you’ll find it’ll become a massive headache. Here’s why.

How Holes Form

Falling Trees: You might expect a falling tree to leave much more noticeable and lasting damage to your home’s roof. But sometimes, even if your home is otherwise untouched, all it takes is a small scratch to crack open a shingle and leave it vulnerable to possible leaks or being torn off by the next wind storm.

Nail Placement: Nails and staples help bind roofing materials together and attach them to the spots where they belong. But all of this careful balance can be undone by poorly-placed nails.

Rotting and Split Seals: Metal corrodes, and wood decays. It doesn’t matter what your roof is made of, because even the most durable of substances will eventually give way. Plus, the seals preventing leaks through skylights, chimneys, and roof vents could split open, meaning you’ll face the prospect of water damage too.

Potential Consequences

Damages: As we’ve noted, what starts out as minor, inconsequential damage can become overwhelmingly expensive if not given timely attention and intervention.

Health Risks: Besides the obvious risk of your roof caving in, water damage can lead to mold growth that make everyone in your family sick.

Pests: Unwelcome pests such as raccoons, squirrels, and termites can find their way into your home through a hole in the roof.

Repairing Holes

Identifying and patching a hole in your roof sounds like a simple proposition. However, you should only attempt it yourself if it is small and easy to reach; otherwise, it’s better to rely on help from expert contractors such as the ones from Topper Construction. You should also verify that your roof is stable and structurally intact. You’re going to need the proper tools and knowledge to make the repairs. Having a companion nearby to watch out and help you is a good idea as well.

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