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Soffit, Fascia and Frieze: The Underdogs

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Soffit and fascia are important parts of a roof system, while frieze is purely for looks.

Roofs are complex systems that provide a major services for us and our houses. Usually, on this blog we focus on the major aspects of a roof and siding, like solar shingles, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and the like. There are some aspects of your roof that don’t get the attention they should, because they help keep the rest of the system dry, ventilated and looking good.


Simply put, this is the underside of the overhanging part of your roof. Soffits come in vinyl or aluminum and are either hidden vent systems or classic beaded soffit. Vinyl soffits come in a variety of textures and shades, while aluminum has fewer options but unrivaled durability. A hidden vent soffit system has virtually invisible vents and is the best option if ventilation is an issue. Classic beaded soffit offers a traditional look without compromising protection and ventilation.


This part of your roof caps the soffit or the end of trusses, and its main duty is to keep water out while letting your roof breath. It can be made from aluminum-wrapped framing lumber, vinyl, fiber-cement, PVC, or even real wood.


While it doesn’t have any structural purpose, frieze is the equivalent of crown molding for your home’s exterior. It’s installed on the exterior wall at a right angle to the soffit. Frieze can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Common frieze materials range from simple aluminum-wrapped framing lumber to intricate multi-piece PVC.

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