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The Vital Value of Annual Roof Maintenance

The Vital Value of Annual Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance for your home is invaluable, but easy to ignore.

Howling winds, pounding rains, damaging hurricanes, and blinding blizzards are just some of the different weather patterns we expect every year as the seasons change and time passes. When was the last time you had your roof inspected or worked on? Roof maintenance for your home is invaluable, but easy to ignore.

Roof Maintenance is Cost Effective

During an initial inspection, you can detect small problems before they grow into large ones. As is the case with any type of preventative maintenance, roof maintenance is cost effective. The sooner you address any problems – such as cracked or curling shingles, for instance, the less expensive it will be to fix them. How do your neighbors’ roofs look? If your home is just as old as theirs but is in worse shape, it’s time to schedule some urgent roof maintenance.

Mind the Gutters

Fall is another critical time of year to mind your gutters. Making sure your gutters are clear enhances their performance and ability to drain all the excess water buildup from constant precipitation. Besides preventing proper drainage, blockages can cause annoying leaks in both the roof itself and the walls underneath it. In icier weather, the water can freeze and cause your pipes to burst, necessitating even more expensive repairs.

Improves Roof Durability

Annual roof maintenance will also help your roof last longer. At some point, you’ll need your roof to be completely replaced, but at least with the right preventative maintenance, you can postpone that until you can afford it or it becomes absolutely necessary.

Avoids Bad Weather Damage

As we touched on above, bad weather is a fact of life. When it comes to the state of your roof, hoping for the best isn’t enough – you’ve got to prepare for the worst as well. If you didn’t examine your tiles and flashing for damages over the summer, now is the time to do it. And while it hasn’t snowed yet, it will snow eventually. If you clear the snow off promptly, you can stop the snow from overwhelming your roof supports and causing your roof to collapse.

What About Your Insurance?

Another reason annual roof maintenance is so important is for your insurance. Your insurance company might not cover any damages that happen after a severe storm, primarily since they will claim neglect and negligence. To ensure that your insurance will indeed help pay for repairs after intense weather tears off roof shingles or knocks trees onto your roof, take some time and invest in preventative maintenance every year.

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