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Three Signs You Need a New Roof this Fall

new roof this fall

If your roof fits into any of these signs, you might need to consider having a new roof installed.

This season is all about getting your house ready for winter and doing the prep work that will make spring a breezy, beautiful time of year. Inspecting your roof and determining if it needs to be replaced this fall can help prevent a whole host of problems from popping up over the winter. Here are three signs you need a new roof this fall.

How Old Is It?

Unless you bought your house new, you might have a hard time determining exactly how old your roof is. Generally speaking, a wood shake roof will last 20-30 years as long as the installation is performed by an experienced company. Slate and metal roofs will last over 50 years as long as there is no damage that hasn’t been dealt with.   

Due Diligence

Regular inspections and maintenance on your roof will help it reach the upper limits of its life expectancy. If you haven’t been inspecting it at least twice a year, or if there are a few repairs you’ve put off it can seriously cut into the life of your roof. Now’s a good time to climb up that ladder and take a look for any damage or excessive wear.

Skeletons in the Attic

After you’ve inspected the roof, head inside and take a peek in the attic. The two obvious things to look for are sunlight coming in or obvious signs of water damage. Take a look at your ventilation set up too. Is it working properly, or is it hot and sticky in the attic? Poor ventilation can lead to an early demise for your roof.

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