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Watch Out for Tree Roof Damage

tree roof damage

This is what one might call a more severe case of roof damage.

Last week on our blog we celebrated Earth Day, and this week we have another cause for celebration. This coming Friday is Arbor Day, a day to plant a tree, hug a tree, or at least give trees a little extra thought than you normally do. As much as we at Topper love those big leafy guys, they sometimes pose a bit of a problem in our line of work. Trees are one of the biggest culprits of roof damage, but they can be stopped. Here’s what you need to be doing to prevent roof damage from trees.

Managing Your Trees to Prevent Roof Damage


  • Trim Overhanging or Dead Branches: Branches that are bursting your home’s personal space bubble are cause for concern. Whether it’s living limbs that might scrape or poke through your roof, or dead branches that could fall during a storm, it’s best to remove them when they get too close to your home. Heck, even living branches could be taken out by a strong enough storm. It’s better to play it safe than be sorry.
  • Remove Dangerous Trees: What classifies as dangerous? Well, trees that are too close to your house for one. This also includes trees that may be dying and more likely to crack and fall in a storm, ones that look like they’re rotting or diseased, or trees where the surrounding area may have eroded, leaving the roots with a weakened grip on the earth.
  • But Keep the Good Ones: Smartly placed trees around your property can provide your roof with protection from harsh sun that may fade and deteriorate your roof. Pro tip: try deciduous trees on the southern side of your property.
  • Clean Up Fallen Debris: Whether it’s twigs, leaves, or seeds, accumulation can be bad news for your roof. They can lock in moisture that may speed up the deterioration of your roofing material, or gather in gutters, causing pooling and leakage. This could also lead to black mold or algae growth, which is no good for the health of your roof — or you!


Watch Out for Your Siding, Too

While it’s more common for trees to perpetrate roof damage, siding damage isn’t out of the question. You run the same risk of physical damage, mold growth, and advanced deterioration when your trees brush up against the side of your home. When you assess your trees for potential roof damage, don’t forget to keep an eye out for your siding as well.

If we’re too late in bringing you this message and you’ve already suffered some tree roof damage, act quickly in bringing us on site to assess the damage and discuss the next course of action. The sooner you act, the more likely it is that we can bring you a better solution.

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