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At Topper Construction, we take safety very seriously. The well-being of our employees and sub-contractors takes priority over everything else. We recognize that the work we do is extremely dangerous and under constant scrutiny from our customers and regulatory agencies, so we go to a great deal of effort and expense in the name of safety. We engage a third-party construction safety consultant to assist us in preparing materials and conducting weekly safety meetings. This consultant also conducts regular surprise on-site safety inspections.

As a result of our emphasis on job safety, Topper Construction has one of the lowest possible Workman’s Comp mod rates that can be achieved by a roofing/siding contractor. This year, we received our fifth consecutive annual Safety Award from IWIF/Chesapeake in honor of our outstanding commitment to workplace safety. We also received our fourth consecutive Lighthouse Beam Safety Award from BB&T Insurance Services, in recognition of excellent safety performance during the past year.