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The Different Types of Vinyl Siding

different types of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding isn’t all the same, you know. There are different types and styles that can change how your home looks.

Vinyl siding is an incredibly popular choice for homes across America, and there are many great reasons why. It’s affordable, beautiful, and surprisingly durable. Vinyl siding is available in a huge range of colors that can match just about any home style. Here are some of the different types of vinyl siding currently available for your home.

Vinyl Siding: Style Choices

The three main types of vinyl siding are horizontal, vertical, and architectural.

  • Clapboard horizontal siding: This is the most common type of vinyl siding and it looks like straight horizontal pieces of wood overlapping each other. There are several different sub-profiles available including single, double, triple, and quad.
  • Dutch lap siding: This type of vinyl siding looks like boards that are beveled on the top half at a 45 degree angle, with the lower half hanging at a right angle. It is commonly used on Colonial style houses and is very stylish and unique.
  • Beaded vinyl siding: This type of siding has rounded beads at the top and bottom of each piece to create shadows and visual interest.
  • Cabin board vinyl siding: This siding looks like stacked logs and gives a rustic vibe. Get the look of a log cabin without any of the wood!
  • Board & batten: This vertical vinyl siding has wide sections of boards and thin raised strips (battens). It is typically used in combination with a horizontal siding type as a stylish accent.
  • Shingle siding: This vinyl siding is produced to look like cedar shingles and can be made in a wide variety of shapes including half cove, round, square, hexagon, or octagon.

Vinyl Siding: Color Options

Vinyl siding is available is an incredible range of color choices, from crisp bright white to deep rich dark colors. Vinyl siding can also be textured to add visual interest, mimic wood grain, or create different designs on the exterior of your home.

Beautiful Vinyl Siding from Topper Construction

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