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Avoiding Common Roofing Mistakes

Avoid Common Roofing Mistakes

Avoiding common roofing mistakes is an important step in the roofing process. In this blog we’ll discuss some common roofing mistakes and how best to avoid them.

Avoiding common roofing mistakes is an important step in the roofing process. In this blog we’ll discuss some common roofing mistakes and how best to avoid them. There are four common mistakes that we will cover: a DIY roofing project, failure to get an estimate or proposal, hiring without a contract in place, and not accounting for climate and weather.

Avoid a DIY Roofing Project

The first step to avoiding common roofing mistakes is simple: don’t attempt a roofing project by yourself. There is more to roofing than replacing shingles or adding tar. There are many other factors that go into a successful roofing project. The average homeowner does not necessarily know about them; but experienced roofing professionals would know how identify them and ensure these factors are kept in mind. Unless you are already immensely experienced in this area, it’s for the best if the pros handle it.

Avoid Failure to Get an Estimate or Proposal

You need estimates and proposals. These will form an invaluable part of the planning for a new roofing project. The next step in avoiding common roofing mistakes is to get an estimate. Estimates are generally brief, and include a bid to complete the project. Also included are timelines for the project, as well as the materials needed. Meanwhile, a proposal is much longer. Proposals include brochures that will have pictures of the proposed materials samples and maybe even samples for you to see. Extremely low estimates are a sign that the contractor is cutting back somewhere else, so they might have shoddy equipment or materials.

Avoid Hiring Without a Contract

When you are looking for contractors, a key step is actually contracting them. Less reputable contractors will attempt to bamboozle homeowners. They’ll do this by offering absurdly low estimates and then claim no written agreement with them is needed. Whatever reasons they may give, don’t trust them. Demand a written contract, and if the contractor disagrees, don’t hire them.

Account for Climate and Weather

Consider the general climate and the weather patterns of where you live. These conditions will factor heavily into the design and installation of your new roofing project. The contractor should be able to account for these as well, but it never hurts to brush up on what you need to know. What additional considerations should be contractor take steps to incorporate into the roofing project? You don’t want your roof to be blown away by the wind because the wind rating was insufficient!


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