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Watch Your Step: Steep Roofing Safety Tips

Steep roofing safety tips

In this blog, we’ll go over some steep roofing safety tips.

Steep roofs can be dangerous and tricky to climb onto. Once you’ve climbed up onto one, you’ll want to watch your step. In this blog, we’ll go over some steep roofing safety tips. Keep these in mind the next time you try to do-it-yourself. But as always, if you feel uncomfortable going up, or if you can’t, don’t hesitate and feel free to call on the professionals instead.


These Steep Roofing Safety Tips Will Keep You Upright!


Use Your Common Sense: First off, the most important thing to do is to use your common sense. Follow any cautious instincts that may occur to you while you are up on your steep roof. After all, you don’t want to end up as the latest running joke on the Internet. Either that, or have something far worse than just your pride injured.

Dress for Success: Another key point in staying safe on your steep roof is wear the right clothes. Dress for success! Choose looser clothes that won’t be too constricting, and shoes that provide the best grip and traction. These shoes should preferably be rubber-soled for maximum grip and traction. Be sure to pick up a helmet, as this will be more likely to protect your head if you fall.

Don’t Go Out in Poor Weather: When it comes to going on the roof, wind and rain are your worst enemies. Wind can knock you off balance, and rain can make you slip and lose your balance even more. If there is poor weather outside, simply choose to not go onto your steep roof that day.

Leave Your Old Ladder Behind: Here is yet another piece of solid advice when it comes to steep roof safety tips – leave your old ladder behind. A sturdy new ladder is much more secure than a family heirloom. Be sure the ladder is properly extended and secured before you climb up or down. And when you climb back down, make sure both hands are firmly on the ladder to keep your balance before you dismount from the ladder.

Bring the Proper Safety Gear: Lastly, make sure you bring the proper safety gear with you. This gear includes roof jacks, roof ladders, and roof harnesses. These pieces of gear will help you install and secure scaffolding to help make it easier to work on the roof more safely.


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