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4 Causes of Roof Damage

4 Causes of Roof Damage

Roof damage is hard to understand. Here are some of the reasons why your commercial building’s roof is damaged.

Roof damage is hard to understand. This is a troublesome problem for many building owners, property managers, and the roofing contractors they employ to diagnose and fix any issues. But prevention and repair of roof leaks aren’t always so straightforward. Here are some of the reasons why your commercial building’s roof is damaged.

Installation Problems

Much like the roofs placed on homes, the roofs on commercial buildings need to be properly installed the first time around. This goes a long way towards avoiding many problems that will otherwise plague the roof and the building’s owner for years to come. Ensuring that the roof is installed correctly becomes even more important when you have a low-slope roof. If you don’t, then the water that falls on the roof won’t drain as easily, and standing water could lead to roof damage, the presence of moss and mildew, and increased potential for leaks. Make sure that the pitch of the roof measures at least ¼ and that any water on the roof is redirected towards gutters and downspouts.

Inadequate Maintenance

Another problem is insufficient maintenance. Although a roof will serve your building for decades, that doesn’t mean you can get away with not taking care of them. Along with installation, maintenance is one of the essential ways to ensure that your low-slope roof will last as long, and in some cases, even longer than you expect. The less money you have to spend on repairs and replacements, the more resources you can invest back into your business and keep your building tenants happy.

Freezing and Thawing

As fall comes to an end and winter approaches, the freezing and thawing cycle is going to become much more evident. The expansions and contractions that come along with this natural progression can cause problems for your roof and aggravate any existing roof damage. Eventually, the flashing and the seams will start to break down, causing leaks. Stopping a leak before it even forms is the best way to prevent any future problems. That’s why timely inspections and preventative maintenance are so important.

Foot Traffic

However, your roof is bound to experience some foot traffic. Contractors need to be able to get up there to inspect the roof and perform maintenance tasks. Prohibit your employees from going onto the roof for any reason to limit the amount of foot traffic. Then have the contractors bring and lay down work blankets and walk-pads to help protect the roof while they work.

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