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Debunking 4 Myths About Roofing

Debunking 4 Myths About Roofing

Let’s debunk these 4 myths about roofing!

Halloween season is always one rife with scary stories that may or may not be true. But all stories, myth or not, have some kernel of truth in them. Even so, you might erroneously believe some of these roofing myths. Let’s take a closer look and debunk them, finding out if the truth is out there or not.

The More Insulation, The Better

One of the easiest roofing myths to believe has to do with insulation. You would think, given that colder weather is finally around the corner, that the more insulation your roof has, the better off it will be. In fact, you will probably need less insulation than you might think, even as winter approaches. Excess insulation can block the vents on your roof. If the vents can’t release steam, it will lead to a buildup of moisture. This moisture buildup can cause several problems such as your roof rotting or warping.

You Don’t Have to Break Down Your Roof

How do your current roof shingles look? Despite what you may think, putting new shingles over a layer of worn-out ones isn’t enough – that’s another roofing myth. All you’re doing is adding more weight to a support structure that may be close to collapsing. So if you want to avoid making problems worse, it’s best to remove patches of old shingles, if necessary, before installing a new set of roof shingles.

Gutters Are Separate from Roofing

Your gutters and your roof are two vital parts of your home’s exterior. Don’t put your trust in roofing myths that tell you these are separate components. The gutters and the roof are both of a drainage system that can keep water from infiltrating your home. Thus, you need to keep your gutters in good shape throughout the summer and fall, so they don’t fail during the ice and snow of winter.

Every Shingle is the Same

Asphalt shingles are excellent choices for your roof. However, just because they are all made of asphalt, different manufacturers brands of shingle may still differ from one another. Certain shingles are made of stronger asphalt that won’t break as easily. Others are engineered to withstand the effects of wind or other environmental hazards. If you don’t have warranties on your roof shingles, you should try to get some to help protect your home and your roof.

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