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Shining Light on the Benefits of Solar Shingles

Benefits of Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are a great investment in terms of saving both money and the environment!

Environmental friendliness and green sustainability practices are the talk of the town in recent years. At Topper Construction, we stay current with the times, and this is no exception. Solar energy is one of the best ways for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint while making their homes into, quite literally, their very own powerhouses. Topper is a certified installer of Dow Powerhouse solar shingles and we’re happy to contribute to reducing environmental impacts of daily living. Here’s how solar shingles can benefit you and your home.

The Basics of Solar Shingles

First of all — what exactly are solar shingles? You’ve surely heard of solar panels. Well solar shingles take solar energy technology and shrink it down into individual shingles. Rather than installing bulky solar panels on your roof, solar shingles are your roof. One of the greatest benefits of solar shingles is that they combine the functionality of providing energy for your home and protecting it from above.

The Benefits of Solar Shingles

Aside from this dual functionality, two of the most commonly observed benefits of solar energy are that it saves money and the environment. As for the money you’ll save, Dow Powerhouse solar shingles promise to save 60-70% on monthly energy bills, meaning that the investment you make on purchasing and installation will pay for itself over time. There are also federal tax credits, and possibly state and utility discounts, that can save you even more. When it comes to the environment, the impact is clear. Sunlight provides unlimited, clean, safe, and renewable energy that can be harnessed by your solar shingles. As such, you’ll find yourself free from fluctuating oil and energy prices.

Solar energy is quickly gaining ground around the world, growing in popularity by 40-50% annually. Solar shingles are a great way to harness all the benefits of solar energy without the bulk and visual distraction of solar panels. If you’re interested in solar shingles, or have any questions about them, don’t hesitate to call.

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