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Choosing a New Roof Color This Spring

Choosing a New Roof Color This Spring

A new roof color can increase your curb appeal and help make your house stand out in your neighborhood.

When it comes to renewing the look of your home’s exterior this spring, consider a new color for your roof. A new roof color can increase your curb appeal and help make your house stand out in your neighborhood.

Light or Dark?

Whether you would like a lighter colored roof or a darker one, the choice is ultimately yours. Your tastes will vary from that of your neighbor, and after a few weeks, months, or even years, you might end up change your mind. Lighter roof colors will not hold as much heat, which could be a blessing as spring turns into summer. Whichever color you choose, be sure that it matches the brick on your home’s exterior.

Match the Brick

You can repaint the siding of your home, and the shutters for your windows. However, you probably won’t be able to repaint any bricks that are incorporated into your home. For instance, your chimney might be made of brick, and that is an element of your home that can be hard to reach.

Blend with the Paint

Sometimes, you might be thinking about changing the exterior color of your home before you do anything else. While this might not involve installing a different style and material of siding, window boxes, window shutters, or gutters and downspouts, it might include repainting these elements. In order to make sure all the colors blend properly, you’ll need to compare them. Even though this sounds difficult, it’s actually easy – just purchase a wooden board maybe 3 feet by 5 feet and test the new paint color on it. Then you can hold it up to the existing paint colors you have and see if they will complement each other or not.

Change the Shingle Color

Depending on how the rest of your home’s interior looks, you might want a different shingle color. When you’re planning to change your roof color, the color of the shingles makes a difference – provide some contrast so that the look of the new roof color, and the entire house, for that matter, is easier on the eyes. That means if you are eventually looking to sell your home, you might think an eye-catching color might boost your resale value. Doing this is a better idea if you are thinking of staying for several more years

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