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The Benefits of Membrane Roofing

membrane roofing

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Membrane roofing might be an unusual term if you’re not already familiar with it. Although unconventional, it is most certainly effective. In this week’s blog, we’ll investigate the benefits of membrane roofing for your Maryland home. Your main question might be membrane roofing can do for you. Well, stay tuned to read on and learn more about it!

Why You Should Consider Membrane Roofing

There are two types of membrane roofing: single-ply and multiple-ply. Multiple-ply membrane roofing is the superior format. Think of the layers of this type of roofing as a cake. The cream holding it together is another form of asphalt. Only this asphalt is called SBS modified bitumen. Benefits of this special asphalt include:

  • Stronger and More Flexible: Tensile strength is a great asset of multiple-ply membrane roofing. It can hold more weight and need less support. As a result of its formulation, this type of roofing wears down less quickly, lessening the need to constantly repair a brittle roof.
  • Additional Thickness: Thicker membranes provide more layers of protection, making what roofing maintenance remains necessary easier to go about completing.
  • Easier to Maintain: Roof repairs are a fact of life. After a number of years, complete roof replacements is needed too. These roofs are easier to repair and replace.
  • Different Ways to Apply It: Hot asphalt is a common application method, but cold adhesives are another option for when hot asphalt is unavailable or a difficult to implement.

More Reasons to Consider Membrane Roofing

A third type of membrane roofing for your consideration is known a PVC membrane roofing. Here are some reasons to consider this type of roofing:

  • Environmentally-friendly: This roofing is extremely friendly to the environment, and in these times where we’re conscious of our impact on the environment, this is an important asset. Your roof can be more energy-efficient and lower your bills. Perhaps best of all is when it wears out, it can be recycled into a new and different roof.
  • Resistant to chemicals: This roofing is also resistant to chemical exposure, such as grease.
  • Also resistant to wind and fire: In the summer, the hot and dry conditions along with sudden wind surges can cause fires to spread more easily. PVC is especially resistant to the damages of these possible hazards.

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